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 My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules

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My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules Empty
PostSubject: My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules   My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules EmptyWed Jul 06, 2011 11:09 pm

Couldn't create a topin in "Rules" and I didn't know where else to put this. I also tried to condense it because it seemed like pages of rules Razz

If you don't mind, just my thoughts...

1. Fine
2. Fine
3. Fine

4. No Threatening The Server!
Obvious, should be removed.
5. Fine
6. Fine
7. Fine

8.No Last Request in Cells.
Conflicts with opening cells by 7:05, I just think it's a little pointless.
9. Fine
10. No Ghosting when you are dead.
If the match is drawn out, ghosting should be allowed.
11. Fine
12. Do not wear the clan tag if you aren't in the clan! (Which is impossible because of how we add our tag)
If it's impossible, should be removed Smile
13. Fine
14. Breaking certain rules will lead to CT team ban!
Admin can warn of this, also stated under the CT rules header
15. There will be NO begging of ANY ADMIN/MODERATOR!
Admin can also warn of this
16. Fine
17. Fine
18. Fine-ish
19. Fine

20. All players have MUST participate in the War Day area until it is expanded, then you can roam free.
Kinda confusing, but warden can just say "K you can go wherever," so should be like "Stay in the designated area on wardays."

Counter-Terrorist Rules
(Breaking The Follow Rules May Lead To CT Teamban!)
Should add something about warning shots being legitimate.
22. Fine
23. Give orders BEFORE cells are opened. After cells are opened with no rules it is a free day.
Should add that warden can add rules after cells are open, so it's sort of "If no one has been declared warden before cells are open, it is a freeday."
24. There will be 1 warden per round! That means two or more people cannot tell T's what to do!
I think it should be more to the effect of warden being the leader but CTs can say "get off the vent" or something.
25. CT's Must give CLEAR orders. (That means with a clear VOICE and MICROPHONE!)
Should be something like "Terrorists may ask for up to 2 legitimate repeats. Speak clearly."
26. Fine
27. Fine
28. Fine

29. If a T has a Primary out you may kill on sight, but you HAVE to see them with a Primary!
Should be if they have a primary OUT, Conflicts with #53.
30. Fine
31. When the warden is giving orders, all orders are automatically implied that there is no detours or delays, T's must do them until the warden tells otherwise or T's may be killed for rebelling.
I think it's funny to see people go all over the place for not saying that, I think this should be removed.
32. Fine
33. Fine

34. If the second last CT killed himself, or somehow commited suicide the "Lact CT Rule" will not take effect. (You cannot use it)
"second TO last CT, I didn't understand at first.
35. War Days must be in specified areas not everywhere! the warden can decide when it starts and expands. (Look at rule #38 for War Day Rules)
Repeated rule.
36. Please do NOT talk over Warden when he is giving orders!
Repeated rule.
37. First person to give orders on the team Counter-Terrorist is Warden! - There is ONLY 1 warden per round!
Repeated rule.
38. If a person is "AFK", Do an "AFK" check with your mic, wait/say 5 seconds then you can kill him.
5 seconds is a little short.
39. Fine
40. If you are within a T's knifing distance you may be knifed.
"without them becoming a rebel." You can be knifed anyways Wink
41. Fine
42. Fine

43. When playing the games "First Reaction Last Reaction" & "Simon Says" there MUST be 3 or more players playing!
I don't think the number of players matters, but should be "If a player has >100 latency, Last Reaction may not be played."
44. If Cells are spammed it is a NOT free day for Terrorists! (If cells are spammed non-stop the player will be slayed!)
Should be like "Once cells are opened, they may not be closed for any reason."
45. Fine
46. Fine-ish

47. CT's will NOT interfere with rules if they are for the Terrorists!
Does this mean change the rules? Should clarify a little.
48. Fine
49. If a CT breaks any vent he must slay himself immidiately, or he will face the consiquences!
I don't think this is neccessary
50. Fine
51. If T's are instructed to Croutch + Walk T's may do either, but DO NOT have to do both.
A little pointless, rule should be ignored.
52. Fine
53. Fine

54. Free Harming a Terrorist in any way, shape, or form will result in a slay, and will evolve into a kick/ban if that person keeps Harming Terrorists for no reason.
Make sure to clarify warning shots.
55. Terrorists may NEVER get individual free days, It's all or nothing when dealing with Free Days!
I think this is a little pointless.

Terrorist Rules
56. Fine
57. Fine
58. Fine

59. You may be killed for delaying or arguing about an order. (known as nitpicking)
"but you MAY ask for 2 legitimate repeats."
60. If a Terrorist is in the possession of a primary and It's been on their back, and only their back the CT's MUST warn them to drop it.
61. Fine
62. Fine

63. CT's may NOT give out individual free days! So don't ask!
64. Fine, but should be in CT rules

Admin & Mod Rules
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My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules   My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 6:07 pm

Thanks, but the server JailBreak is being switched to a MiniGames.
Therefore so will the rules.

My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules Fp82ozr
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My suggestions on the Jailbreak rules
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