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 TTT Admin Application Format

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TTT Admin Application Format Empty
PostSubject: Re: TTT Admin Application Format   TTT Admin Application Format EmptySun Mar 10, 2013 11:35 pm

Green Arrow wrote:
Try to fill in as much detail as possible. Goes along way to being accepted!

What is your current age?

What is your ingame name?

What is your Profile ID/Steam ID?

What position are you applying for?

Have you ever violated the rules in the community and if so how/when and what rule/s?

Why do you want to take that position?[Long Answer]

What skills/qualities could you bring to the operation team? [Long Answer]

Have you had "ANY" past experience of an administrator of a community? [Long Answer]

How long have you been an active part of the community?

Have you read and understood the rules?

"You are walking past a player and they are standing over an unidentified body. You perceive them to be the killer." What do you do?

What is Ghosting? And how is it best used or avoided?

Do you have a working Microphone and Team speak Installed?
[Teamspeak is a bonus to the application, not mandatory]

What timezone do you reside in?

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TTT Admin Application Format
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