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 New.. Jailbreak suggestions I guess?

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New.. Jailbreak suggestions I guess? Empty
PostSubject: New.. Jailbreak suggestions I guess?   New.. Jailbreak suggestions I guess? EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 9:55 pm

Enthus wanted me to make some suggestions to the Jailbreak rules, so here is what I believe they should be...
I've also taken out some that seem repetitive, because the shorter the rule list is, the more likely people are to read it.

General & JailBreak Rules
1. Please speak English on this server (this is the best practice on our server). Spam in another language will result in a mute.
2. No Mic Spamming
5. No Camping Vents, Armory or Infirmary Ever.
6. No impersonation of Admins/Mods Or Owners.
7. No innapropriate, pornographic or shock imagery sprays.
9. No Advertising or Solicitation of any kind!
11. Do NOT Disrespect Anyone!
12. Do not wear the clan tag if you aren't in the clan steamgroup!
14. Breaking certain rules will lead to CT team ban!
15. There will be NO begging of ANY ADMIN/MODERATOR!
16. Shut up when orders are being given by Warden!
19. The Admin is always right, he's allowed to make rules even if they aren't listed in here!

Counter-Terrorist Rules
(Breaking The Follow Rules May Lead To CT Teamban!)
23. Give orders BEFORE cells are opened. After cells are opened with no rules it is a free day.
25. CT's Must give CLEAR orders. (That means with a clear VOICE and MICROPHONE!) One repeat per round.
26. There will be NO Order that is "Same Rules/Orders" or it will be a free day!
29. If a T has a Primary out you may kill on sight.
32. Last CT may only kill Terrorists in possession of weapons, Excluding Knives, Or unless they are rebels.
33. Last CT may kill all but 1 T, but requires 3+ CT's for this to be in effect.
34. If the second last CT killed himself, or somehow commited suicide the "Lact CT Rule" will not take effect. (You cannot use it)
35. War Days must be in specified areas not everywhere! the warden can decide when it starts and expands.
37. First person to give orders on the team Counter-Terrorist is Warden!
38. If a person is "AFK", Do an "AFK" check with your mic, wait/say 5 seconds then you can kill him.
39. You Must warn T's to drop Secondary Weapons.
40. If you are within a T's knifing distance you may be knifed.
41. When you are giving orders you must wait 5 seconds for the T's to respond.
42. Do NOT tell T's to kill CT's!
43. There must be a ping difference of <60 between players when playing the game Last Reaction.
44. If Cells are spammed it is a NOT free day for Terrorists!
53. If a T is in possession of a primary and It's on their back, and only their back you MUST warn them to drop it.

Terrorist Rules
56. If you've been Free Killed alert the Admins by saying @I GOT FREE KILLED In your team chat!
57. If you are switched to Terrorist team you MUST stay there until told otherwise by an admin.
58. If you are a Rebel DO NOT Stack on other Terrorists.
59. You may be killed for delaying or arguing about an order. (known as nitpicking)
60. If a Terrorist is in the possession of a primary and It's been on their back, and only their back the CT's MUST warn them to drop it.
61. Being inside the armory will consider you to be a rebel, and may be killed!
62. Harming a Counter-Terrorist in any way, shape, or form will result in you becoming a rebel and may be killed, unless it is Last Request!
63. CT's may NOT give out individual free days! So don't ask!
64. T's may stand up to type something during orders! (Staying still, standing up while typing)

Admin & Mod Rules
65. Absolutely NO ADMIN ABUSE!
66. Admins MUST abide by the same rules as players.
67. Permanent ban is LAST RESORT only (except for hackers/Excessive free killing).
68. If a person breaks a serious rule - Please use the following: Slay/Kick/30min Ban, etc.
69. Everyone will get 3 strikes for abuse, on the third strike you will LOSE the type you're abusing on.
70. If there is an dispute please go to 1 of the owners to solve the problem.
71. Do NOT ban other Admins/Mods under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! *IMPORTANT*
72. Admins are NOT allowed to make/bend any rule in their favor!
73. All Admins/Mods will not have any kind of favoritism towards any person.

Read Further for Last Request Rules!

Server Last Request Rules
(Players may use their own rules as a substitute, following the rules & being fair for both players!)
In this area you'll read how to do the following Last Requests, and the rules for doing them, you can use them by simply saying "Server Rules" and that'll tell everyone in the server your rules for the specific Last Request your in. If you don't like them you can make up your own rules as long as they meet the servers rules & guidelines, that they're fair for both players, and the CT must agree to doing the Custom Last Request. During your Last Request when you win you WILL kill your opponent, when you lose you WILL be killed by your opponent, DO NOT prolong the round because you don't want to die or don't want to kill your opponent.

72. No Killing the Winner of Last Request, Slaying yourself or prolonging the round if you lose LR.
73. If you lose in the LR by doing it wrong you will automatically forfeit, and may be killed by your opponent!
74. No player may kill themselves if they are in a LR they don't like!
75. DO NOT glitch or exploit any Last Requests so it will effect the result in your favor.
77. You may not start Last Request in ANY Cells, Small Hall Ways/Small Areas, Vents, Armory, or Infirmary. (You may not do Last Request in these areas because it would be possible to cheat the last request in your own favor!)
78. Neither CT's or T may interfere with anyone's Last Request, (even if they ask!)
79. When there are 2 T's left it is LR and all rules that will put a T in danger of death are canceled!
80. When you start your last request you have 20 seconds to give rules, after that the LR will be using the server Last Request Rules.
81. If Last Request is Malfunctioning please to something different, even if the LR won't cancel.
82. Terrorists will NOT do Last Request twice, they must take turns killing the CT's!
83. When It's your chance to Last Request and you haven't rebelled during that time you may still Lr.
84. It is implied that players are NOT to cheat! That includes Administrators, Moderators, and Players!

Chicken Fight
On this last request Chicken Fight you are trying to get onto your opponent's head by any means necessary, excluding having to kill them and jumping on their dead body.

Russian Roulette
Russian Roulette is very easy, you simply shoot at your opponent with the deagle given to you, NOT KNIFE AT EACHOTHER. You don't necessarily have to shoot at them because this game is about luck and does not require any skill, nor does it use any skill.

Jump Comp
The Objective of the Jump Competition is to jump in between the two lines that will spawn in front of you to see who can jump farther. This task can be tricky because the space between them is small, eventually you will successfully jump in the correct spot and the Last Request will record you and your opponent's distance and will say which person has jumped the farthest.

Gun Toss
In this Last Request the competitors have to throw their deagle the farthest, or shortest to win. The rules are as follows: No cheating AT ALL, Must throw before you hit the ground, One Jump, No Hitting the gun with your knife, And finally No picking up your gun, or the opponents gun until you both know who the winner is.

Race, the objective is to get to the destination faster than your opponent. When you start this race you MUST show your opponent the start and end points of the race so that he/she knows where to go and be ready for it. It's a race, so why would it involve combat? That means no knifing, shooting, or throwing grenades at your opponent to slow them down, It's cheap!

Hot Potato
This Last Request Hot Potato the objective is to not end up with the deagle last. Staying inside the circle given you will try to throw the deagle randomly given to a player, you do NOT want to end up with it last. If you drop the deagle and or miss the opponent, you will still lost the Last Request because you had the deagle last. When time is up the person who had the deagle last will lose the Last Request.

Red Light Green Light
Red Light Green Light, this game usually ends very quickly because people don't know what they're doing, in this Last Request you and your opponent will be racing to the end point. But there's a catch! You must only move while the "Light" is Green, If the "Light" is Red and your still moving you will lose the Last Request. Be careful, As this Last Request is easy to lose at!

Custom Last Request
If you don't like the server's Last Requests you may create your own Last Request, but as long as it follows the servers rules and guidelines and the Counter Terrorist agrees to doing your Custom Last Request.

ReignOfTerror Rules Last Modified: 21/8/11

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New.. Jailbreak suggestions I guess?
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