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 *CSS SERVERS DOWN* Read here before Donating & Posting! (Counter-Strike:Source Servers)

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PostSubject: *CSS SERVERS DOWN* Read here before Donating & Posting! (Counter-Strike:Source Servers)   Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:20 pm

Looking to get noticed? Want Hats & Trails? Become a Donator!

(Not just single servers anymore)

Make a new New Topic With the Following Information To Request & Receive Donators Items

SteamID: (your Steam ID)

Name: (In-Game Steam name)

Amount you've donated: Minimum of $10.00 USD/CAD (If you feal like donating more than $10.00 thats completely fine. Smile

*New* Donator's may now mic spam with any program until their heart is content! Provided players in the server don't mind.
Donating is only $10, and comes with All Trails(100+), and Hats(30+). You can donate here!

Being a donator is a 1 time payment, your Donator will also effect ALL new servers! If you abuse & break rules you may get banned from theReignOfTerror servers with no change of refund of your money.

Once you've donated please create another post reply to your application or a new post the very day you've payed to not create any confusion or fraud.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change the minimum donation amount at any time. We also may remove certain items from servers if they are bad for the server.


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*CSS SERVERS DOWN* Read here before Donating & Posting! (Counter-Strike:Source Servers)
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