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theReignOfTerror Clantag | «ɌøŦ» Empty
PostSubject: theReignOfTerror Clantag | «ɌøŦ»   theReignOfTerror Clantag | «ɌøŦ» EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 5:54 pm

It has come to our attention that a large portion of our members don't know how to add clan tags in the spot that CS:S has created.

So as a solution we are allowing everyone to add our clan tag in their name by adding it in the front or back of their name, look below to see examples.

As long as your in the group you may wear theReignOfTerror clantag. It is not required but we would like you to sign up on our forums.

«ɌøŦ» | YourNameGoesHere <- (Preferred spot we want clantag to be)
YourNameGoesHere | «ɌøŦ»

Please do NOT add clan tags right beside it, if It's absolutely nessisary do it as follows.
(Doesn't really matter if the «ɌøŦ» comes first, second, or last.)
YourNameGoesHere | «ɌøŦ» | OtherClanTag
OtherClanTag | «ɌøŦ» | YourNameGoesHere

Currently we don't care where or how you put it as long as it meets our guildlines, but if you would like to add it to your CS:S Clan Tag spot this is how.
In-Game CS:S>Options>Multiplayer>Adv Options>Clan Tag> Add «ɌøŦ»

theReignOfTerror Clantag | «ɌøŦ» Fp82ozr
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theReignOfTerror Clantag | «ɌøŦ»
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